SECRID Wallets and Card Protectors

The Secrid wallet combines both quality and style while also providing security against unwanted card fraud. The state of the art ultra – thin aluminium card protector prevents your cards from being scanned by a mobile device using radio frequency readers. Cards that can compromised by illegal use of these radio frequencies include credit and debit cards, ID cards with chips and any other cards that use chip technology. The Secrid wallet card protector also protects your cards from bending or breaking as plastic cards become brittle over time. This compact yet versatile wallet protects both your privacy and your money. Digital pickpockets can scan your card from many meters away without you even knowing. With a Secrid wallet you are protected and the cardprotector acts like a wall against unwanted breaches of privacy or theft.

In this new era of high tech card fraud the Secrid wallet is an innovative solution that looks and feels just right.

The Secrid wallet card protector can hold 6 flat cards or 4 with raised lettering. There is ample space for notes and additional compartments for other cards or coins. If you are looking for additional space then the twin wallet holds up to 12 flat cards or 8 cards with raised lettering.

Both Secrid wallets have a solid aluminium card protector case and real leather cover. With a range of colours and styles to choose from there is a Secrid wallet for you.

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