A Fish Named Fred

A Fish Named Fred

Want to have some pieces in your wardrobe that add a little character? Always looking for clothing that is well-fitting, charming, and unique? You’ll want to look at our selection of A Fish Named Fred pieces.

From shirts & blazers to coats, get a great deal on A Fish Named Fred when you shop at Paul’s Menswear, with free delivery on qualifying orders.

What makes A Fish Named Fred so popular?

This brand is ideal for those who like to inject personality into their clothing. You’ll notice that many of their products have unique and bright patterns on almost all their clothing.

They’re great if you’re the kind of person who loves to dress up for occasions and want items that can stand out.

A Fish Named Fred blazers

We love their range of blazers & jackets. Some will have a highly detailed stitched pattern on the front, while almost all their jackets have colourful & vibrant linings on the inside, which are matched with precise detailing on the breast pocket. If you love attention to detail, you’ll be a big fan of these jackets.

A Fish Named Fred shirts

While not for everyone, this range of shirts really does give you something different.

If you prefer shirts that are more subdued, we recommend checking out our full range of men’s designer shirts.

Why is it called A Fish Named Fred?

It’s a fun brand, and it is supposedly named after a pet fish with the moniker. Unlike other menswear brands that typically have a logo on the chest of their garments, A Fish Named Fish will sneak the logo somewhere else on the clothing, making it a bit of a puzzle to find.

Customers can avail of free nationwide delivery when you spend €79 or more.

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